Repair or replace

Slippers-1I don’t remember when I started wearing these slippers.  Three, four, five, or more years ago.


Well worn, they are.



The soles have holes.



The toes have holes.




The heels have holes.








My aunt has a pair of pajamas that have been patched and repaired so many times I don’t think any of the original fabric is there any more.

I must confess that I have repaired the toes of these slippers several times.  The one heel is in pretty bad shape.  I’m not sure if that part can be salvaged.


I just happen to have three new pairs sitting in my stash…

At what point do you repair or replace?

Hello darkness

…my old friend.  (Name that tune.)

Well, I was going to show you the pair of seamless slippers I finished Sunday night but the lighting was terrible and I go to work in the dark and return in the dark.

I knit this slipper at the end of October and finally got the mate done.  Pretend there are two slippers here.


I plan to make two more pair before Christmas.  I’m using acrylic yarn (don’t judge) as that is what I have tons of and it really holds up well for these seamless slippers.  It’s a bit hard on my hands and fingers.

Orange seamless slippers

Orange seamless slippers

I will sew replacement carpet soles on these as well as add pompoms.

Seamless slippers in autumn with soles

Seamless slippers in autumn with soles

Kn words

I don’t understand why there is a silent “k” at the beginning of some words.  I’m sure there is a very good reason, right? But since I have the day off, I’m not going to use my valuable “me” time to do a search.

Knife or knives.

Hiding between my windows at the kitchen sink and a side cabinet…


… is a magnetic knife rack.


I love this thing.   All my good cutting knives are hanging there in plain sight so all I have to do is reach up and grab what I need.  These used to be in a drawer in cardboard sleeves to protect the cutting edge and fingers.  Not convenient, well, being in a drawer was not convenient.  Protecting one’s fingers was convenient.


Of course I had to include some knitting!


I knit this one, lone, seamless slipper on a bus trip I took recently.  Only had enough time to knit the one and it’s missing its mate.  Even though it doesn’t know it is supposed to have a mate.

If you’ve tried to knit these, the hardest part (IMHO) is the beginning.  The pattern is right at the top of this blog.  Under the header.   My designs.

Or click on this link.  It will take you right to it.

One last thing…  A BIG thank you to all our Veterans who have served this great country to keep us safe and free.  God Bless You!



Seamless slipper issue

When I knit my seamless slippers (see pattern to the right), I repeat the increase row one more time.  I like my slippers taller.  Unfortunately this makes more stitches around the ribbed part of the toe area.  I noticed this weekend that my toes were swimming inside my slippers.  I think this is why I stopped making these for myself.

In the future I will decrease at least one or three stitches when I get to the ribbing so the slipper hugs my toes better.

I won’t call this errata as it is a personal preference.