Repair or replace

Slippers-1I don’t remember when I started wearing these slippers.  Three, four, five, or more years ago.


Well worn, they are.



The soles have holes.



The toes have holes.




The heels have holes.








My aunt has a pair of pajamas that have been patched and repaired so many times I don’t think any of the original fabric is there any more.

I must confess that I have repaired the toes of these slippers several times.  The one heel is in pretty bad shape.  I’m not sure if that part can be salvaged.


I just happen to have three new pairs sitting in my stash…

At what point do you repair or replace?

11 thoughts on “Repair or replace

  1. Time to replace, my dear. Perhaps you can salvage some of the yarn and make a similar pair to last another five years. So far, I have only had to replace the bottoms of mine, thank you very much for that help. 😉


  2. I agree with Pat. Time to treat yourself to a new pair from your stash. Or go wild and crazy and pick out a very special yarn for a new pair.


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