Drink more water

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and had some good news and some not so good news. 

The good news is that I lost five pounds!  Yes, the 10 minutes workouts I’m doing every work are paying off.  I also started working my upper back to get rid of that unsightly back flab.  I know I can’t spot reduce but my goal is to tone that area hoping the increased muscle will burn off more fat overall.  And eventually the flab on my back will be gone, too.  Since doing these upperback exercises, my back doesn’t seem to get as tired while riding the motorcycle.

The not so good news was that I need to drink more water.  Now water is my choice of drink 95% of the time.  I do enjoy a cup of green tea almost every morning and I do like my wine in the evening but for the rest of the time it’s water.  I just don’t drink enough.  I have to make a conscious effort to drink.  My mother was the same way.  She just didn’t drink very much.

I did knit on the eyelet sweater last night.  The next row will start the neckline decreases.  Only 10 more rows to go before I do the front bands and neck edging.  Then I will be finished with the second sweater. 

We are visiting Mr. Aitch’s brother this weekend and I wanted to take some banana bread and peanut butter cookies to him, my FIL, and my aunt since all of them live in the same town.  I think the bananas are beyond banana bread.  I touched one last night and it felt liquified under the peal.  Too far gone.

I remembered to take some butter out of the refrigerator before I left or work this morning so I could make the peanut butter cookies tonight.  Yes, I know Mr. Aitch doesn’t like the oven on when it’s hot but he’s not going to bo home tonight.

It’s time for me to check out the water cooler.

Thunder and lightning but no knitting

I woke up this morning at o’dark-thirty to the sounds of rain and a very loud thunder-clap.  The alarm wasn’t to go off for another hour.  Robbed of one hour of sleep.  Actually I was awake enough to just enjoy the storm.  Two minutes before the alarm was to sound, I turned it off.  Why listen to the beep-beep-beep when I was already awake?  You guessed it.  I nodded off.  Twenty minutes I woke up with a start.  I hate when I do that.

Fortunately I decided what I was going to wear while I was awake during the storm.

My knitting bag was next to my purse so I still managed to get to work on time.   No knitting was done today.  I really need to make this second eyelet sweater a priority since it has to be finished by next week.

To frog or not to frog

Last night I discovered I forgot a yarn over on the sweater I was knitting.  eight rows back.  And I have a few misplaced eyelets.  Do I frog it all to the offending missed yo or do I try to fix it?  I have one missed yo but three eyelets that are misplaced.

This is why I can’t drink wine and knit anything involving counting, yo’s and decreasing.

On another note, Mr. Aitch showed me some erosion around the concrete pad at our outside basement steps.  I’ve noticed this for years and mentioned it several times that we needed to do something to halt the erosion.  Did Iever get any reaction?  No.  But I reacted today and tried to slow the process with some hardware cloth and leftover pavers from the front sidewalk.  Temporary patch, for now.

As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pictures.


One drawer down…

I finished decluttering the drawer earlier today.  At this rate I should be dine with the entire house by 2015.  This drawer was truly a junk drawer and I thought it would be easy.  Basically most of what was in there needed to be tossed and shouldn’t have been in that drawer anyway.  Now I have to find a home for the “good” stuff.  The other drawer in the island was organized a year or two ago so it shouldn’t take too long to go through that one.

Knitting note: Two more rows completed on the sweater last night.  Mr. Aitch and I watched a movie and I couldn’t watch it and knit at the same time.  The eyelet pattern isn’t hard but along with k2tog and yarn overs, there were k2tog and ssk decreases for the raglan sleeves.  I’ve learned that if I can’t concentrate when decreasing, I have a lot of ripping  and reknitting to do.  I like to knit as much as the next person but I have a deadline with this sweater.   More knitting tonight.  The good thing is that decreasing makes the row go that much faster!