FO – Eyelet Sweaters

I can finally put these sweaters in my finished objects category!  Here are some pictures of the eyelet sweaters I knit for the twins.  Yes, they are two different colors though in person they don’t look as different as they do in these photos.  I also included photos of the sweaters with the dresses, too.   The store didn’t have two of the same dress in the size I needed but the twins aren’t identical so I (and my daughter) think it works out fine.  Aren’t those dresses just adorable?     

My own pattern

Two Eyelet Sweaters

This sweater is knit with Bernat Softee in ecru.  The white yarn didn’t go with the dress.  This yarn looks yellower in the photo though it does match the dress.    

Ecru sweater

Sweater 1

This one was knit with Bernat Sport in white.    

White sweater

Sweater 2

I am debating whether to write out the pattern to post.  It’s fairly easy but I used three different patterns and rolled them into one.  I’m not sure if I will be violating any copyright laws by posting the pattern and claiming it as original.     

I used the border and eyelet pattern from one sweater.  The body and sleeves from second pattern.  The length from a third.    

Would you call this original enough to post the pattern?

Free beer tomorrow

Mr. Aitch’s brother commissioned this sign for his personal bar last year and I finally delivered it to him this past weekend.  It’s 3 1/2 inches by 24 inches.  I used to paint these types of signs but never one like this.  I probably would have sold more of these than the ones I used to make.

I also finished the second eyelet sweater last night around 10:00!  Yay!  It’s being blocked as I write this and I will post pictures of both sweaters and the dresses they will be wearing to the wedding.

There’s no place like home

Mr. Aitch and I went on a short motorcycle trip this weekend to visit his brother and father and my aunt.

Jim Aitch (brother) finished part of his basement a few years ago into a fabulous bar.  Just good old H2O for me this time.  I didn’t drink enough water this weekend but I really am trying to do what the doctor ordered.  Anyway, Jim commissioned me to make a sign for him and I delivered it  this weekend.  The pictures are still on my camera and I will post them as soon as I can.  He is a wonderful host and has a great sense of humor.  Of course having a great sense of humor is a requirement with two daughters, one in college and one in high school.  His wife is this petite firecracker who keeps the house running smoothly.

Mr. Aitch the Dad lives in assisted living and gets around fairy well with his walker.  We run out of things to talk about so it’s hard to visit too long.  He did appreciate the peanut butter cookies I made for him.

Miss Kay is my mother’s sister and has always been my second mother.  She also lives in the same town as Jim Aitch and Mr. Aitch the Dad.  She called me at Jim Aitch’s house Sunday evening saying she wouldn’t be home on Monday.  I found this to be rather unusual.   Miss Kay is 85 years old and doesn’t really go anywhere too far that she wouldn’t be home.  I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone where she is but I will spill the beans as soon as she gets home.

It was good to get home and sleep in my own bed last night.  It was not so good getting up at o’dark-thirty to go to work

I did finish the knitting on the second eyelet sweater Saturday evening.  All that’s left is to graft the four-stitch seam at each armhole, sew on the buttons and block the sweater.  Then I’m done.  Finis.  The end.

Now what light knitting am I going to get into?

Wild moment

Have you ever seen something so unexpected that you thought you were dreaming?  On my way home from work yesterday I saw something I’ve never seen in the wild.  I was on my motorcycle riding up the mountain and a big black bear ran across the road in front of me!  He was about 30 yards away so we weren’t going to collide or anything but it sure freaked me out.  I’ve seen deer, kamikaze squirrels and even turkeys on the road before but never a bear.  I had to call Mr. Aitch at work to tell him about my wild moment.

The peanut butter cookie dough was made last night and is in the refrigerator.  I’ll make the cookies later today.  Procrastinate is my middle name.

I only have a couple more rows of neck shaping on the second eyelet sweater.  My goal is to finish that today.  Shouldn’t take more than an hour then I can do the front bands, neck edge and be finished with it.  I’m not sure if I will make another eyelet or lace thing again.  Too much concentration for me.  Not that I don’t like a challenge but too much pressure having a deadline and making two from a pattern that I made up.