To frog or not to frog

Last night I discovered I forgot a yarn over on the sweater I was knitting.  eight rows back.  And I have a few misplaced eyelets.  Do I frog it all to the offending missed yo or do I try to fix it?  I have one missed yo but three eyelets that are misplaced.

This is why I can’t drink wine and knit anything involving counting, yo’s and decreasing.

On another note, Mr. Aitch showed me some erosion around the concrete pad at our outside basement steps.  I’ve noticed this for years and mentioned it several times that we needed to do something to halt the erosion.  Did Iever get any reaction?  No.  But I reacted today and tried to slow the process with some hardware cloth and leftover pavers from the front sidewalk.  Temporary patch, for now.

As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pictures.


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