Drink more water

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and had some good news and some not so good news. 

The good news is that I lost five pounds!  Yes, the 10 minutes workouts I’m doing every work are paying off.  I also started working my upper back to get rid of that unsightly back flab.  I know I can’t spot reduce but my goal is to tone that area hoping the increased muscle will burn off more fat overall.  And eventually the flab on my back will be gone, too.  Since doing these upperback exercises, my back doesn’t seem to get as tired while riding the motorcycle.

The not so good news was that I need to drink more water.  Now water is my choice of drink 95% of the time.  I do enjoy a cup of green tea almost every morning and I do like my wine in the evening but for the rest of the time it’s water.  I just don’t drink enough.  I have to make a conscious effort to drink.  My mother was the same way.  She just didn’t drink very much.

I did knit on the eyelet sweater last night.  The next row will start the neckline decreases.  Only 10 more rows to go before I do the front bands and neck edging.  Then I will be finished with the second sweater. 

We are visiting Mr. Aitch’s brother this weekend and I wanted to take some banana bread and peanut butter cookies to him, my FIL, and my aunt since all of them live in the same town.  I think the bananas are beyond banana bread.  I touched one last night and it felt liquified under the peal.  Too far gone.

I remembered to take some butter out of the refrigerator before I left or work this morning so I could make the peanut butter cookies tonight.  Yes, I know Mr. Aitch doesn’t like the oven on when it’s hot but he’s not going to bo home tonight.

It’s time for me to check out the water cooler.

2 thoughts on “Drink more water

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog. We’re interested in many of the same things, mainly food and knitting. I also have to make a concious effort to drink water. I have found what works for me is to fill a gallon jug with water and put a glass next to it. My goal is to drink the entire thing in a day. On days I actually accomplish this I feel great and never need any caffeine.


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