December 23 and a Revelation

To continue with what I did last Friday night…

Red paper with white dots

Now for the Revelation part.

Yesterday while I was at work reheating leftovers for lunch and trying to decide if I should get my knitting out during lunch, I had a revelation.  All knitting projects (except Mr. Aitch’s Musica mitts) are on hold.  I have been knitting feverishly for several days trying to get gift knitting finished for today.  Gift knitting for my co-workers.  Not happening.  I was putting too much pressure on myself and needed a break.  It wasn’t fun anymore. 

My family means more to me than my co-workers.  Sorry, Co-workers, but I don’t think any of you read this blog anyway.  Your Christmas gifts will be finished after Christmas.  Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Has that ever happened to you?

A new direction…with wine

When I started this blog, I planned on writing about knitting.  Hence the name: Knitting in Flashes.  I’m expanding my writing to include not only knitting, decluttering, redecorating, sewing, and other crafting delights, but the rest of my life, which I thought was going to end last night.

Mr. Aitch and I have friends.  We have friends that drink wine.  We have friends that occasionally give us wine.

Last night we tried one of the wines we recently received.  It’s made by some hippies in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Mr. Aitch poured generous glasses for both of us. 

The bouquet was flowery with hints of raspberries and honey.  It also had touches of  “fragrant” tea and raisins.  Whatever.  I like raspberries and honey.  I drink tea.  It was ok.  Sweet but ok.  For the first few sips. 

I was enjoying our lovely dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes,and corn and sipping the wine when all of a sudden I grabbed my chest to pull out the burning arrow that I was sure pierced my bosom and set me on fire.

My friends, this was not your everyday heartburn.  This was heart inferno. 

Mr. Aitch, the ever attentive husband that he is, noticed my extreme discomfort and rushed to get me some strong antacids.  Fifteen minutes later the flames were extinguished and I knew I would live.

I should have known that when Mr. Aitch took one sip and wanted to give me the rest of his glass, that something was wrong.  One sip for Mr. Aitch  was one sip too many.

Musica mitts cast on

I started the Musica mitts over the weekend when I wasn’t getting ready for our early Thanksgiving dinner…which will be tonight.  My son has to work on Thanksgiving so he and his family are coming to our house for dinner tonight.  Mr. Aitch is in charge of getting the turkey in the oven as I have to work today.

I’ve already got the pumpkin pies, candied yams, cooked/baked and the stuffing is made.  Green bean casserole and mashed potatoes will be made as soon as I get home.  I hope I can leave for home a little early today.

Anyway, back to the Musica mitts.  I am making these for Mr. Aitch for Christmas so he can smoke his cigars outside in the winter and keep his hands warm at the same time.  He is a retired band director, still directs the church choir and plays in several community bands so I thought these would be fitting with his musical life.

Musica Mitts overview

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll in fingering weight.  Knitting on size 3 (US) needles instead of the 2.5 as instructed.  I want them to be a bit larger than the pattern.  I repeated the first few rows as well to make them longer.  I also might make fingers for the ring finger and pinky.  We’ll see how it goes.

Musica Mitts closer

Sorry for the low quality pictures.  I used my phone and the lighting was poor.

It’s funny how much I contemplated over the colors: Dusk and Midnight Heather.  Mr. Aitch is partially colorblind so all he’s going to see are blue and black.  Whatever.

I hope I can work on these this weekend.  I also have to finish the soakers and Ms Ida Mittens.  The twins’ birthdays are this month and I have a few things I need to finish.

It will all come together, right?

Mirror, mirror

Our dinner party turned out wonderfully.  Even though I had a few green beans fall under the steaming basket and cause a bit of a smoky flavoring, one of my friends said she really liked the smokiness.  I didn’t tell her what happened.

I gave the slippers to my friend and she loved them.  I think they were the first knitted item I’ve given her.  I must remedy that.

Great food, great wine, great company.

I promised a picture of the wine glass markers I made the other night.  (Click on the picture to enlarge.)  They were a big hit with the women.  The men, well, they were mildly impressed.

Wine Glass Markers

A few nights ago while I was setting out these wine glasses, I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror above the buffet.  Sometimes I’m surprised by what I see.

Most of the time I just see the parts of the face and not the whole.  Sometimes I see a tired woman.  Sometimes I see a sad woman.  And sometimes I see an old woman I just don’t recognize.  But this time a contented, confident, relaxed, and (if I may be so bold to say) beautiful woman looked back at me.  And I was surprised.  She’s my favorite woman who I see in the mirror. 

Every now and then I see myself as beautiful and that evening was one of those times.  It completely caught me off guard. 

Who do you see in the mirror?