Update for April and May 2017

Well, let’s see.  We are in the process of a kitchen remodel.  It should have been finished weeks ago but as always, something got back ordered.

Like the counter top.

The old counter top was cobbled together so we could use our kitchen until the new one arrives.

So we have the before…


…and still during but making progress.

The island has been refaced and the range and microwave replaced. Next up: new counter tops, sink/faucet, crown molding and back splash. The entire remodel sparked a cleaning and decluttering frenzy in our house so some of my other projects took a back seat to cleaning, painting and general chaos.

I’m also recovering from a bout of pneumonia.


Welcome 2017

Everyone else is jumping on the New Year’s bandwagon, so why not join them?

2016 included more travel than I’ve done in any other year, home improvements, lots of sewing and knitting and many, many other things not blogged about.

2017 will be the year to finally get my house organized and updated with new carpeting (hopefully), paint rooms that have not seen a paintbrush since we first painted twenty-plus years ago, travel, revamp the staircase, and knit and sew more for others.

Also on the list is to reupholster six, count ’em six, chairs…four of which will go to Colorado.

I want to pick up my calligraphy pen again and make cards and envelopes exciting again.

And travel.

On a personal note I will work toward becoming more positive and less negative, clean up my vocabulary/mouth, give more of myself to others, exercise more, eat less and get rid of 40 pounds of fat.

What are your hopes and dreams for the 365 days?

Changing things up

For several years these cards from IKEA were displayed in a long vertical frame on a narrow wall.




But I wanted to change out the pictures for some note cards by Woody Jackson.

reframe004I didn’t want to damage the cards by taping them directly to the underside of the mat so I made picture/photo corners from some old envelopes.


I just cut off the corners at an angle and slipped them over the corners of the note cards. Then I taped those corners to the back of the mat.


Voila!  No damage to the cards if I ever decide to use them.


Now the frame fits nicely above the doorway going from the kitchen into the hall/dining room/foyer area.



Creative cookies

While at our daughter’s house, we baked cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Because of the mishap on Friday evening and E’s not feeling well on Saturday, we waited until Sunday, February 15, to bake and decorate cookies.  Mom and Dad were expected home on Monday so the cookies were a day fresher.

Cookies-1 copy

We used half of the recipe of Royal icing as we didn’t have a lot of cookies to decorate.

Cookies-2 copy

Red, pink, and white icing and red colored sugar.

Cookies-6 copy

I found these little squeeze bottles for the icing so the twins would have more control over their decorating.

Cookies-4 copy

Cookies-3 copy

I spread most of the cookies with a solid color and the twins decorated the tops.

Cookies-5 copy

You can never have too much icing.

Cookies-8 copy

For some reason the pink icing got a little too thin and was running everywhere.

Cookies-7 copy


When we finished up with all the cookies, we decorated animal crackers.

Cookies-9 copy