While I was procrastinating cleaning the basement and our walk-in closet, I decided to repaint the front door.  And not only repaint but change the color. From a tired, faded, dull-looking red…

…to a deep, rich, shiny, olive green.

Plus I cleaned up the brass hardware.

I’m not sure I like the new color.  Change can be difficult.  I think it’s the shininess that has thrown me.  And I usually have something hanging on the door but I want to let this paint harden before I decorate it.


8 thoughts on “Improvements

      • Darned critters!!! I wish they would not go where not welcome. I have relocated 6 red squirrels this week, and the bug man filled the mouse bait traps, and we have not heard creatures in the walls in a while. Of course, we have been sleeping with the fan on so might not have heard them… time will tell. Good luck with your creature!

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