Cliff Walk sock

The third pattern in the Handmade Sock Society II is the Cliff Walk sock.

I’m debating on these two yarns for this particular pattern as I want to use stash yarn instead of buying yarn.

The Plymouth Sockotta yarn is saying’ “use me!!”  And I’m listening hard to it…

…though the Midnight Heather is whispering to me as well.

Reclaiming yarn

Well, this is more like ripping out a project that was started years ago and will never see completion.  The original notes are long gone.  Plus I don’t think I have it in me to knit the second (boring, boring, BORING) sock even if I did find the notes.

This 413-yard ball of yarn is Plymouth Italian Collection Sockotta and is comprised of 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, and 15% nylon.  That’s plenty for a different pair of socks, mitts, gloves or a shawl.  I thought about overdying it but I do like the neutral colors that would work for anyone.

In my opinion, kinky yarn presents challenges when knitting (or crocheting).

So I wound the raveled yarn around my homemade PVC pipe knitty-noddy,gave it a good dousing under the shower, and hung it up to dry.

Ready for knitting…

One down

…and one to go.

I’m talking about The Handmade Sock Society 2 pattern: Samphire.  I was having trouble keeping my stitch count correct so I finally added some lifelines and made it to the tip of the toe. 

The lace pattern wasn’t difficult, it was just my wandering mind.  I try to multitask when knitting and was listening to a book (Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal) when I got so wrapped up in the story that I lost track of my knitting.  My bad.

So Samphire sock #1 is finished and the second sock is ready for the lace panel.  I followed the pattern as written though I changed the heel flap to the partridge eye heel.  I like it better and think it wears well.

I love the color though it’s a bit dark for my eyes at night.  I should invest in a better light next to my knitting chair so I can see the stitches better.  The third sock pattern in this series will be out soon.  Hopefully, I can get this pair finished by then.

Needles at the ready!

My back had been acting up to the point that Mr. Aitch had to take me to the emergency room.  Excruciating pain radiating from my lower back to my toes.  It even hurt to breathe.  It was close to Memorial Day weekend so seeing my regular doctor wasn’t possible for a few days. Some days I couldn’t pick up my knitting. Things are looking up.  I’m on the mend now and taking each day at a time.

Yarn order

Trying to get ones knitting mojo back is a hard task but I think I might be gaining on that.  Periodically Knit Picks* says “goodbye” to some yarn colors and I happened to spot two that I liked.  As I’m a member of Helen Stewart’s The Handmade Sock Society 2, I’m desperately stash diving for yarns that I like.  If you have any kind of a stash (fabric, fiber, dyes, threads, paper, office supplies, cigars, etc.), then you sometimes buy items that you wanted to try but then don’t particularly like anymore.

So here I am with some sock yarn that falls into that stash category of I-don’t-really-like-this-color-anymore or the What-was-I-thinking?  I should just sell or trade them on Ravelry…and I will once I find the gumption to list them.

Back to the Knit Picks “goodbye” sale… I needed a knitting pick-me-up sp I found Hawthorn Fingering Multicolor yarn had two such “goodbye” colorways that I loved.

Rich blues and purples of Goose Hollow…

…and the deep blue-greens that morph into warm yellow greens of Cully.

Goose Hollow is still available but evidently, Cully is sold out.

And to round out my order (for free shipping) a pair of super sharp steaking scissors.  These 4-inch little gems are VERY sharp, fit nicely in my knitting gadget bag and have a point protector.

*I am not affiliated with Knit Picks and did not receive any compensation for this post.  I just like and use these products and thought you might, too.