Budding beauties

The twins spent the weekend before Mother’s Day with us while our daughter and son-in-law went away for the weekend.  I thought I’d help the girls make cards for Mother’s Day.

I took photos of them pointing to their eyes, a paper heart taped to their chests and the camera.  Then I made an accordion card and added some text and headless flowers.

The card wasn’t ready for them to take home (and I didn’t want them to know everything about it as one of them can’t keep a surprise) so I mailed it to our son-in-law.  I had to talk to him first so he knew what to do with it when he got it.

I included various flower and bug stickers for them to use to decorate the cards.

I think they did a wonderful job!  Their mom was so surprised!

Deep breath

Take a deep breath.  Hold it.

A little longer.

Slowly exhale.


I needed to clear my mind.  Thanks for breathing along with me.

2010 was a start for me as most years are.  I didn’t get as much of my life organized as I wanted but I made some progress.

I knitted more this year than I have in past years:

  1. Hot Water Bottle Covers: 2
  2. Toys: 5 – though I only have pictures of two of them
  3. Sweaters: 2 eyelet sweaters for the twins, 1 February Baby Sweater
  4. Seamless slippers: 7 pairs
  5. Sleeveless top: 1, the Lace Hem Top for me
  6. Mittens and mitts: 1 Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens, and 1 Musica Mitts
  7. Hats: 8 Spud and Chloe Go Team Hats

I made polymer clay buttons for a sweater.

I tried my hand at felt ornaments and finished two.

Sewing projects, not mentioned here, expanded my FO list.

I made my Christmas cards and garland for the tree.

And I painted my dining and living rooms.

Tomorrow is another day and the beginning of a shiny new year. 

What do I want to accomplish in the next 365 days?

What are your goals for 2011?

December 23 and a Revelation

To continue with what I did last Friday night…

Red paper with white dots

Now for the Revelation part.

Yesterday while I was at work reheating leftovers for lunch and trying to decide if I should get my knitting out during lunch, I had a revelation.  All knitting projects (except Mr. Aitch’s Musica mitts) are on hold.  I have been knitting feverishly for several days trying to get gift knitting finished for today.  Gift knitting for my co-workers.  Not happening.  I was putting too much pressure on myself and needed a break.  It wasn’t fun anymore. 

My family means more to me than my co-workers.  Sorry, Co-workers, but I don’t think any of you read this blog anyway.  Your Christmas gifts will be finished after Christmas.  Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Has that ever happened to you?