Deep breath

Take a deep breath.  Hold it.

A little longer.

Slowly exhale.


I needed to clear my mind.  Thanks for breathing along with me.

2010 was a start for me as most years are.  I didn’t get as much of my life organized as I wanted but I made some progress.

I knitted more this year than I have in past years:

  1. Hot Water Bottle Covers: 2
  2. Toys: 5 – though I only have pictures of two of them
  3. Sweaters: 2 eyelet sweaters for the twins, 1 February Baby Sweater
  4. Seamless slippers: 7 pairs
  5. Sleeveless top: 1, the Lace Hem Top for me
  6. Mittens and mitts: 1 Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens, and 1 Musica Mitts
  7. Hats: 8 Spud and Chloe Go Team Hats

I made polymer clay buttons for a sweater.

I tried my hand at felt ornaments and finished two.

Sewing projects, not mentioned here, expanded my FO list.

I made my Christmas cards and garland for the tree.

And I painted my dining and living rooms.

Tomorrow is another day and the beginning of a shiny new year. 

What do I want to accomplish in the next 365 days?

What are your goals for 2011?

2 thoughts on “Deep breath

  1. I think that is an enourmous list of things accomplished. Creating a blog is something that should be added (as Leah said) along with all those pictures taken and sent.

    My goal is waking up in the morning and getting moving.


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