Blueberry socks

I managed to wind this hank of hand-dyed yarn (named Blueberry Smoothie) before Pepper came home with us. Since I was having knitting-needle-sock withdrawal, I cast on for a pair of socks: Dumbledore’s Christmas Stockings by Erica Lueder.

I liked the texture and thought it would help avoid any pooling that sometimes occurs with hand-dyed yarn.

In fact, I’m not seeing any pooling.

The bottom of the foot looks so great in plain old stockinette stitch that I’m thinking I’d rather have a basic vanilla sock to show off the fabulous dye job! I really don’t want to rip this back since I’ve already knit past the heel.

Decisions, decisions….

A tale of four sweaters

It’s a brand new year (well, 41 days ago) and I’m late posting anything so far. My one and only resolution is to keep my sanity and be the Alpha dog (along with Mr. Aitch).

We brought home a cute Miniature Schnauzer on December 17, 2022, and she has been a handful for us. Her unofficial name is Dr. Pepper Jack Cheese Whiz Fondue but we call her Pepper.

My knitting since then has consisted of sweaters for our pup. She’s growing so fast! In fact, I think she outgrew the first sweater in the car on the drive home.

I used the same pattern and size (small) for the top three only changing the needle sizes to get the three sizes shown. For the pink a US #4 needle, the light blue a US #6, and the red a US #8, which is what the pattern called for. I added a hole between the ribbing and body of the sweater to allow for the leash to clip onto her collar and still keep her neck covered.

I made the red one after the first two and decided to leave off the leg ribbing as Pepper is not all that cooperative with getting dressed when she needs to go outside. But then I realized it was too easy for me to get the legs through the wrong holes so I added contrasting yarn colors on the bottom blue sweater for the leg ribbing and around the leash/collar access area for the bottom blue sweater. Red for the right leg and white for easy contrast. It is a medium that should fit her till the weather warms up. 🤞

As you can see, she pulled on the sweater and snagged it in several places. It does the job of keeping her warm on the coldest days. Eventually, she will appreciate my knitting skills and desire to keep her warm in the winter months and not put up such a fuss getting dressed to go outside.

Here she is today after her first haircut minus any sweater as it is a balmy 66 degrees!

Happy knitting!

Karate Kid Syncopation Socks

I may have mentioned in my last post how much I đź’•đź’ť these socks. It is my favorite all-time pair of socks that I’ve knit so far!

The Syncopation pattern is toe-up but I prefer to knit top-down. The textured pattern works quite well either way. I’ve used this particular pattern three times, toe-up once and top-down twice.

My Karate Kid grandson dyed the yarn in June and I overdyed it in August for a deeper, richer green and blue colorway. Some of the original light green is still visible in spots which gives the yarn such depth.

Eye of Partridge heel

I knit these in nine days, quick for me, as I was under self-imposed pressure to get these in the mail before Christmas.

And to add a surprise… toes! That will make it easier (I hope) to lengthen and/or repair in the future.

My focus has turned away from knitting socks for a while but I do have some other projects to share later.

Mr. Aitch and I do wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. 🎄

What happened to November?

Well, I got really, really, really busy with several projects: knitting, sewing, refinishing and reupholstering a desk chair, sewing, knitting, sewing, knitting, and getting ready for a new addition to our home.

I finished (finally) the November socks for my daughter. These socks seemed to take forever. I put them on hold while I was helping my sister recover from surgery, then one of her precious greyhounds got involved, our two closest grandkids moved to Michigan, my birthday happened, and the list could go on and on. Here are the socks in all their glory.

I love the colors and it’s really hard to capture how pretty they really are. The honeycomb pattern was fairly easy but I did have to concentrate on those rows.

My sister gave me some fabric with a plate and silverware design so I made six placemats for my daughter.

These two chairs have been sitting in my basement since I rescued them from iPad aunt’s garage in 2015. I stripped one chair, refinished it, and put on new upholstery suede fabric. I took lots of pictures during the process but I’ll just show you the before and after. If you really want to see all the work-in-progress pictures, let me know and I’ll try to make some sense of them for you. Personally the before and after pictures should be enough. I plan to redo the other chair but that will have to wait till next spring as I have to do some of the work outside.

This quick sewing project took about an hour or two. I made mesh laundry bags to send with all of the socks I made with the hand-dyed yarn we dyed in June.

The Karate Kid’s socks were next on the project list and I finished them in record time (for me at least). I used this Syncopation Sock pattern that I’ve used before. The pattern is written for toe-up socks but I made these from the top down. I love the colors and wish I could keep them for myself! They deserve a post of their own so I’ll just show the finished project for now.

All of the socks I knit for my three grands and my daughter along with the mesh bags and placemats will be boxed up and sent to Colorado ASAP.

Another quick and easy sewing project was this leash. The fabric is a heavy brushed cotton that looks like a patchwork quilt. I had everything in my sewing stash so, in less than 30 minutes, it was done.

I just started this sweater (I’m just using one color) the other day and have a deadline of December 16 to get it off the needles…

…because we are getting ready for a new addition to our family.

A female miniature schnauzer puppy! No pictures of her right now but I will soon. Very soon! For the next several days puppy-proofing the house will be our #1 priority!