Luminary part 1

I finally figured out why it has taken me nearly two months to knit one sock.  I’m tired of knitting with blue yarn.  Well, I think that’s the reason other than I’ve just not been feeling quite like myself for the past several months.

I do like all colors but after knitting five socks (here and here ) in the same color family I’m feeling a bit, um, blue.Luminary sock

Here is one 99% finished Lunimary sock from The Handmade Sock Society season 3.  The fifth sock pattern in this series was just delivered to my inbox last week so I’ve got some catching up to do!  I got behind with knitting this season’s socks when I was working on my S-I-Ls ruana and sewing face masks.Luminary sock close-up

Stash diving was good but the stash will increase within the next week or so with some grey/charcoal fingering yarn.  Perfect for socks that I will actually wear in public.

So I’ll be trudging along with the second sock to complete this pair then on to something else in a not so blue color family.

9 thoughts on “Luminary part 1

  1. I think sometimes there are shades that put you off whilst knitting – or maybe it’s just what you are knitting/repetition. I can’t get my head past ‘second sock syndrome’ as regards socks, but I have plenty of other half finished projects! My personal hate is knitting with black or a dark navy – if you go wrong you just can’t see the mistake easily – but that could be my lack of talent!

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  2. Well I wear a size 9 shoe (hint) and I only have 2 pairs of beautiful hand knit socks … All my other socks are the no show that a.persom would wear with athletic shoes. I do love the regular socks I have and so appreciate the fact they were gifted to me ❤️. Knit on!!!

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  3. Every now and then I launch a project in a completely uncharacteristic for me color. It resets my color palette I think. Then it’s happily back to all my blues and greens and pinks. 🥰

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  4. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t knitted a sock yet, but have tried knitting in darker colors. Just thinking back on the countless rows I’ve unraveled makes me want to cringe.


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