A trio

I finished the third in the series of striped 1898 hats.

This one is two shades of blue: a soft heathered medium blue (Wool-eze) and navy (Red Heart Super Saver).  Same stripe sequence as the others though I only played yarn chicken with the first hat.

I’m going to toss these in the washer and dryer to soften up the acrylic Red Heart yarn…unless you know of another way to soften them.

Oh, and I decided to follow Jude and Salpal’s advice.  Leave the green hat as is and not be concerned with the wonky stitches.  It IS for a child after all.


Green cap

I loved the two-toned striped 1898 cap I finished earlier so I decided to do another one in two shades of green.  No yarn chicken game needed with this cap.

Not sure what happened here but the stitches look a bit wonky.

Add some buttons to hide them…

…or fuggetaboutit?  I do have a tendency to over think things.

I won this time

The 1898 cap is finished.  Using the teal yarn, 84 stitches were picked up around the top of the headband part for the crown.

The strip sequence was:

4 rows, teal
1 row, black
3 rows, teal
2 rows, black
2 rows, teal
3 rows, black
1 row, teal
Finish with black

I tried a “jogless” stripe technique and though it’s better, it’s not perfect by far.

I won at yarn chicken this time with 50 inches of teal yarn left over.

Another game of yarn chicken

I’m trying to use up as much of my non-wool stash as possible so, with the coming of colder weather, I’ve pulled out the pattern for the 1898 hat by Kristine Byrnes.  Wools or wool-blends would be ideal for use out on the high seas, however, these will be given to teenagers and with the high percentage of it being misplaced or “borrowed”, I will be using acrylic yarn.  Acrylic yarn that made its way into my stash either through friends or relatives.  (Hey, you knit, right?  Here’s some yarn I don’t want anymore.  I’m sure you can use it for something.)

Anyway, I’m playing yarn chicken with this dark teal and black.  I don’t have a scale to figure out how much yarn I actually have so this will be a challenge for sure!

Knowing that there is more black than teal, I decided to divide the headband part into two colors.  The black will be the inside and outer edge that frames the face and the teal will be the outside.

The headband part gets folded in half along a slipped stitch line.  Those two edges are secured by picking up stitches from both edges for the crown thus doubling the knitting over the ears to add more warmth.

With the headband finished I have 30 yards of teal and a lot more black to work with on the crown to make some type of striping pattern.  Will I have enough teal to complete it?