1898 finished

Another finished project – the 1898 cap is off the needles and ready for gifting.

As you may recall I overdyed some purple yarn with food coloring and vinegar because the color was too bright and I could change it.

Loving these colors!

I used a bright green one the back part of the headband so the recipient could tell the front from the back.  The back is smaller than the front by design but it’s just easier to tell the difference with a bright, visual clue.

Mr. Aitch (reluctantly) modeled for me.  He will find this under the Christmas tree next month.

The doubled headband was easy to knit and will really keep the ears warm.

Now should I add a pompom to the top?

10 thoughts on “1898 finished

  1. great job! I love that pattern but have only made one of them. Maybe I should make more? As for the pompom. That is a tough one. The hat fits so close, would a pom look funny? Also, I guess it depends if he is a pom pom kind of guy! I love that he modelled it for you when it is his present. Does he know? 🙂


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