Welcome 2017

Everyone else is jumping on the New Year’s bandwagon, so why not join them?

2016 included more travel than I’ve done in any other year, home improvements, lots of sewing and knitting and many, many other things not blogged about.

2017 will be the year to finally get my house organized and updated with new carpeting (hopefully), paint rooms that have not seen a paintbrush since we first painted twenty-plus years ago, travel, revamp the staircase, and knit and sew more for others.

Also on the list is to reupholster six, count ’em six, chairs…four of which will go to Colorado.

I want to pick up my calligraphy pen again and make cards and envelopes exciting again.

And travel.

On a personal note I will work toward becoming more positive and less negative, clean up my vocabulary/mouth, give more of myself to others, exercise more, eat less and get rid of 40 pounds of fat.

What are your hopes and dreams for the 365 days?

Leaf house

Mr. Aitch and I were raking leaves the other day and it reminded me of the “leaf houses” we used to make when I was little.


We would rake the leaves into a floor plan of a house.  We made a living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, bathrooms and bedrooms complete with doorways and closets.  It was like a blueprint only made with leaves.  Then we would play house in the leaf house.


I told Mr. Aitch about the leaf houses and he thought I was weird.  He had never done such a thing nor heard of it.

Then when we were finished, we’d rake the leaves into a big pile and jump in them!

Did you do the house thing, or were we just weird kids?

Little Miss Muffet

No tuffet sitting here.  Nope.


Beautiful tuffet kit available here: http://tuffetsource.com/

Awhile ago I was in a hurry to go outside to do one little thing so I didn’t bother putting my socks on first.


I heard a crunch and felt something.  This was inside the toe of my garden boot.


And I discovered it the hard way.


With my toes.


Believe me when I say that it is dead.  I used tweezers to uncrumple the legs so you could see it better.


You’re welcome.


Dirty needles

No, I’m not talking about hypodermic needles.


Dirty knitting needles.


These were from iPad Aunt’s house and since I’m the most avid knitter in the heirs, I brought them home with me.  They felt a little sticky so I soaked them in some soapy water, dried them off and wiped them down with alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol.


There is still a bit of rust near the ends of most of the needles and I’m not sure what to do about that.


Dip the rusted part in clear nail polish?  Ignore it?  Any suggestions?