Motivation vs procrastination

Are you a “self-starter”?  Or do you need outside motivation to get things started?  Do you procrastinate until  the very last-minute to begin a project?

Did you read my New Year’s post that “2017 will be the year to finally get my house organized and updated”?

I am in need of some major motivation and less procrastination.  Most of the time I have great ideas then fall short of achieving them.

Part of my problem stems from:

  • the financial situation – Can I afford to do this?
  • my ability – Am I biting off more than I can do without professional help?
  • the best time to begin – Will I be able to complete it within a reasonable amount of time?
  • my idea – What will Mr Aitch think of this idea?

If I promise something to someone else, I can get started right away and finish i.e. the Cheers to you Mitts.

I don’t seem to be able to begin without some type of deadline.  Self-imposed deadlines don’t get me motivated.  I need guests, or the promise of new carpeting, or remodeling the basement with paint and built-in shelving/cabinets/work bench, or help.  Mostly help.  It’s so much easier to clean out someone else’s stuff.  No sentiment associated with other peoples’ stuff.

Now as for the organizing part of my 2017 plan – our walk-in closet is in dire need of a major clean out.  That will take several days and our bedroom will be a total disaster during the entire time.  So I think I will tackle the smaller coat closet on the first floor as I know I can finish that in a day.

Today will be the first day!  I Can Do This!!!

I’ll let you know my progress on Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Motivation vs procrastination

  1. All I can say is you have a POSITIVE attitude…..I am a procrastinator….I own it. I am better at doing small projects rather than large. At the moment….I really want sewimg machine set up SOMEWHERE so I can see again! Maybe that’s where I’ll find my motivation! Good luck!


  2. I cannot suggest strongly enough, start small, gain confidence, go big! And be realistic about expectations. Do not expect the first attempt to right all wrongs, it make take tweaking to effect permanent change. Maybe use this space to declare and update and we can offer encouragement?

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