Leaf house

Mr. Aitch and I were raking leaves the other day and it reminded me of the “leaf houses” we used to make when I was little.


We would rake the leaves into a floor plan of a house.  We made a living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, bathrooms and bedrooms complete with doorways and closets.  It was like a blueprint only made with leaves.  Then we would play house in the leaf house.


I told Mr. Aitch about the leaf houses and he thought I was weird.  He had never done such a thing nor heard of it.

Then when we were finished, we’d rake the leaves into a big pile and jump in them!

Did you do the house thing, or were we just weird kids?

6 thoughts on “Leaf house

  1. we didn’t do it with leaves, but out behind our backyard was a huge sand pile – left over from some road construction someplace. We dug our houses in that – making rooms, furniture, etc. No roof, they were open at the top, but we played house out there for hours. we also played house under the overgrown forsythia hedge in the summer when it leafed out – huge cavernous spaces between the bushes were our rooms there. 🙂 if you were weird, you weren’t the only ones. 🙂

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