New quilt

Mr. Aitch’s niece is expecting in July and I thought I’d make something as that’s what I do.  Her theme is woodlands, bears specifically.

The baby shower is later this month and knitting a blanket wasn’t going to happen so sewing something was quicker.

I bought this cute bear fabric (by Emma & Mila at Wal-Mart) and coordinating blues and grey for the top as well as some white tone-on-tone star fabric and star embossed grey minky.

The solid grey and pale teal blocks help transition between the two colors.

Machine sewn and quilted with an X secured the top and backing with a thin layer of batting between.

The finished quilt is 45 inches square.  The back looks metallic but that’s just how the light reflected off the furry surface.  I have more fabric left so I’m thinking of sewing a few accessories such as burp cloths and at least one box bag.  Any other suggestions?


One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish…

Recently my daughter and I went to a baby shower for one of her close friends, Alicia.  Alicia is expecting twins sometime at the end of the year.

A girl, pink fish.

And a boy, blue fish.

The theme was Dr. Seuss.


We had Green (deviled)  Eggs, Ham (sandwiches), red (Swedish) fish, along with pasta salad, fresh fruit and cake.


The favors were ice cream scoops and HErSHEy bars.


My daughter found some cute Dr. Seuss bags at a big box store (sorry, no pictures of those) so we filled them with some handmade and store-bought goodies:  Burp cloths, Converse booties, box bags in Seuss fabric, books, toys, baby wipes, outfits, onesies, teething rings, pacifiers and clips, and lots more.

My daughter made “girl” burp cloths and I made “boy” burp cloths using my pattern.

I also sewed box bags using Dr. Seuss fabric.

The groom, ushers, and the rest of the men in Alicia’s wedding wore Converse shoes so I knit Converse booties, one in black and one in pink.  I adapted three different patterns to suit my patience level and ended up doing a duplicate stitch for the toe part.  I did not do laces as IMHO parents of newborns (let alone twins) don’t have time to mess with laces.  I found some star button and sewed them on a white disk of iron-on batting.  As usual, I ran out of time and was knitting in the car on the way to the shower.  But I got them finished in time.


You can see a small part of the bright blue Cat in the Hat box bag behind the booties.  And the blue and pink burp cloths jelly rolled around each other.



Since my last post…

Our daughter delivered her baby boy three weeks early.  He arrived on January 17 at 11:43 am.  6 pounds 10 ounces.  20 inches long.


The BIG sisters.  E is on the left and Z is on the right.


The proud Nona.


We brought the twins home with us for a few days so our daughter could get some much-needed rest.  I missed three days of work last week helping out and had to go back to work this week but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the evenings.  We made banana bread Tuesday evening.

Tonight they took a shower.  They love to take a shower in our bathroom but I didn’t want them to get their hair wet tonight so they wore some shower caps I picked up from some hotels where I’ve stayed.  They thought wearing shower caps was the BEST thing ever!