Since my last post…

Our daughter delivered her baby boy three weeks early.  He arrived on January 17 at 11:43 am.  6 pounds 10 ounces.  20 inches long.


The BIG sisters.  E is on the left and Z is on the right.


The proud Nona.


We brought the twins home with us for a few days so our daughter could get some much-needed rest.  I missed three days of work last week helping out and had to go back to work this week but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the evenings.  We made banana bread Tuesday evening.

Tonight they took a shower.  They love to take a shower in our bathroom but I didn’t want them to get their hair wet tonight so they wore some shower caps I picked up from some hotels where I’ve stayed.  They thought wearing shower caps was the BEST thing ever!


Diaper stacker

A friend of mine is due any day now with her second set of twins.  Yes, second set.  She needed a diaper stacker that would hold enough diapers for one day (or more) so I offered to make one for her.  I had made one of these a few years ago and tried to remember the process.  I didn’t really have a pattern but there are several online.

My grandmother was an excellent seamstress, knitter, and crocheter. She would use whatever she had on hand and somehow make it work.   She was also creative with embellishing anything she made.  Rick rack was a favorite of hers as well as lace, binding, piping and of course, her beautiful hand embroidery.  I used rick rack and binding.  Following my grandmother’s thriftiness I looked through my sewing materials and used fabric from my mother-in-law and some leftover rick-rack I had.  The only thing purchased was the binding.

Detail of the trim.

The section at the top has fusible fleece inside to give it more stability and strength.  The top tabs have Velcro closures that allow one to hang it from a hanger, towel bar or dowel rod.

I love it when things all come together.