WIP and a not quite FO

Some people reserve Wednesdays for WIPs (work-in-progress projects) and Fridays for FOs (finished objects).  With me you get a WIP or an FO when I remember to post one or the other or, in this case, both.

I’m not quite finished with the orange seamless slippers I knit  but decided to take a picture of them anyway.  I just need to sew on the soles (black oval shapes) and make pom poms.

Orange seamless slippers

These were originally for me so I decided to cast on another pair using free green yarn and the variegated color to put away for later use or gifting.

Green seamless slippers WIP

 The green is much brighter than this picture shows but since I’m a green person, I love the color.  Mr. Aitch is a blue person.  Anyway, I have two  mistakes in these slippers.   The first mistake I discovered is the unslipped stitch on the back faux seam.  It’s hard to see in the photo but it’s very obvious in person.  A rib of stockinette stitches run up the triangle faux seam.  There’s a big bump there.  The second mistake is that I increased a stitch on the sole.  Not that big of a deal but I know it’s there.  So I decided to put away the orange ones and keep the green ones for me.

Ms Ida mittens are slowly coming along.  The slippers are semi mindless knitting and I needed something like that this weekend while I was trying to declutter and clean my house for a party we’re having this weekend.

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October Stitch markers


I woke up this morning with a very scratchy throat.  It started yesterday afternoon and just kept getting worse.  Ugh.

I got my hair trimmed last night and I always take some knitting to do in case I have to wait for the person ahead of me to be finished. The soaker I started a few weeks ago was my first thought  but I knew that would require more attention than I was able to give so I started another Swiffer cover.

My goal this week is to put the soles on the orange seamless slippers and finish Ms Ida mittens.

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Weekend wonders and UFOs

I have been doing some redecorating in my house and that’s been taking some time away from my knitting.  I repainted the dining room in September and the living room a couple of weeks ago. The crown molding will go up sometime early next year.  I’m trying to get the rooms back together again for a dinner party in early November.

We have a bay window in the living room and sheer curtains hanging the window.  It just never looked finished in there so I decided to hang dummy panels on either side of the window.  Sounds easy, right?  In theory it is.  Trying to find the right curtains isn’t so easy.

The room is a bluish-green and I think it’s too light but I’m not changing it now.  I have two chairs and matching ottoman in a linen colored fabric with trees.  I tried to find a fabric sample as the description sounds weird.  Anyway, I wanted curtains that combine the blue of the walls and the green in the chairs.

I bought five different pairs of curtains this past week.  The ones I love compete with the chairs too much so I decided to go with some I found at Wal-Mart of all places.  The only problem was that the curtain was discontinued and they only had one panel.

I looked on-line and found a few stores that still had some in stock.  One was a store near my best friend who lives 400 miles away.  I called her and she said she would go right then and see if she could find it for me.  After an hour of searching, she called me and said she found it and was sending the panel to me.  I really owe her big time for this.

She wants me to send her a picture of the window.  That will be hard as I’ve tried to do this before and it just doesn’t turn out that well.

I made a whirlwind trip to have lunch with my aunt, sister and brother on Saturday.  Six hours driving in the car and four hours visiting.  It was so nice to see them all together.  Mr. Aitch had to work so I went by myself.

My sister said she loved the Ms Ida mittens so I took them with me for her to try on.  The thumb is way too long but the rest seems to fit her.  I’ll remove one diamond repeat on the thumbs and send them to her.  She doesn’t want the finger part to flip so I will remove that.

Ms Ida Chain Link mittens size: adult medium

Soon those will be finished and I can concentrate on the soakers I started last month.

The orange slippers are done except for the soles.  Hopefully I can get photos of those two projects posted this week.

They all made fun of the apple cozy.  Guess what they are getting for Christmas?  =)

Swiffer covers, apple cosy, soaker

Is it me or errata?

I decided to finish Ms Ida.  The thumb seemed a bit too tight so I moved up from a size 4 dpn to a size 8.  With the color changes I must be tightening my grip and needed to go up a few needle sizes.   Plus my other dpns were in other projects.

I’m having some confusion with the thumb decreases while following the chart so I contacted the designer. 

I’m wishing I didn’t try to make them flip top mittens but as soon as I finish the thumbs, I’ll see if I can make it all work out.