Drinker’s mitts

Progress on the Drinker’s Mitts…  I tried and tried and tried a total of three times to do the twisted rib and finally gave up.  My fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be so I just did a K1P1 rib instead.


My friend wanted these with a red background thus changed the pink drink (strawberry daiquiri?) to a margarita.  I don’t think she will mind.


I hope my wonky stitches relax once these are blocked.

WIP Wednesday 2016-09-14

Works in progress.

shaad-mitts-003I dropped a stitch on the Shaad Mitts awhile back and forgot about it until I picked them back up and started working on them.


It took some time but I managed to find the dropped stitch and get it back on the needle.


Seven more pattern rows then the ribbing on the finger end and thumb.  And begin mitt #2.

I saw these cool Drinkers Mitts on Ravelry (free pattern) and posted them on my Facebook page.



A friend asked me if I could make them for her but change the background color to red.


Two rows down…many, many more to go.


Last month Rachelle from My Tangled Yarn posted about a hat she was making for her son: Henry’s Hat.


The story about Henry and his favorite hat also includes patterns for the hat, a sweater, and chipmunk toy.


So a hat for my grandson (whose middle name is my last name) is now on the needles.


I am in the process of decluttering, organizing, and getting rid of stuff that I don’t love or doesn’t fit in my life/house any more.  I’m also on a yarn and fabric diet.  No new yarn or fabric is coming into this house unless there is a specific reason/project for it.  And all the above projects are from my yarn stash!


I’ve had a couple of people ask me what is the use of fingerless mitts.


Having fingers exposed allows one to use their fingers while keeping the rest of their han and wrist warm.  Think of buttoning you child’s coat or tieing their shoes when it’s cold outside.  Feeling for something (keys, lip gloss, tissues, gum) in your purse without taking your gloves or mittens off.  Answering your cell phone or texting.  Buckling your child into a car seat when it’s c-o-l-d outside.  Typing, filing, taking notes in a cold classroom or office.

The difference between fingerless mitts and fingerless gloves is (IMHO) is that fingerless mitts just end so the fingers are free while fingerless gloves have topless fingers.

I’ve made a combination of fingerless gloves and mittens once for a friend who loves to take photographs on the C&O Canal towpath in our area.  Ever try to take a picture with gloves on?  The pattern is called “Glittens” by Nuttinbutknittin.

Glittens for Mark 2007

Glittens for Mark 2007

On the other hand (no pun intended) many pairs of fingerless mitts have come off my knitting needles.


Fingerless mitts for my office, Christmas 2011.

Mr Aitch's Musica Mitts 2010

Mr Aitch’s Musica Mitts 2010

Fingerless mitts for Mr. Aitch.

Leah's Musica Mitts

Leah’s Musica Mitts

Fingerless mitts for my friend Leah.


Fingerless mitts for my friend Pat.


Fingerless mitts for ME!

Have you made or own any fingerless mitts or gloves?

Do you find them useful?