WIP Wednesday 2016-09-14

Works in progress.

shaad-mitts-003I dropped a stitch on the Shaad Mitts awhile back and forgot about it until I picked them back up and started working on them.


It took some time but I managed to find the dropped stitch and get it back on the needle.


Seven more pattern rows then the ribbing on the finger end and thumb.  And begin mitt #2.

I saw these cool Drinkers Mitts on Ravelry (free pattern) and posted them on my Facebook page.



A friend asked me if I could make them for her but change the background color to red.


Two rows down…many, many more to go.


Last month Rachelle from My Tangled Yarn posted about a hat she was making for her son: Henry’s Hat.


The story about Henry and his favorite hat also includes patterns for the hat, a sweater, and chipmunk toy.


So a hat for my grandson (whose middle name is my last name) is now on the needles.


I am in the process of decluttering, organizing, and getting rid of stuff that I don’t love or doesn’t fit in my life/house any more.  I’m also on a yarn and fabric diet.  No new yarn or fabric is coming into this house unless there is a specific reason/project for it.  And all the above projects are from my yarn stash!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 2016-09-14

  1. Please teach me how to knit in four. I watched the tutorial you sent, but I was still confused.
    Can you teach me how to make the fingerless gloves?


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