FO – Eyelet Sweaters

I can finally put these sweaters in my finished objects category!  Here are some pictures of the eyelet sweaters I knit for the twins.  Yes, they are two different colors though in person they don’t look as different as they do in these photos.  I also included photos of the sweaters with the dresses, too.   The store didn’t have two of the same dress in the size I needed but the twins aren’t identical so I (and my daughter) think it works out fine.  Aren’t those dresses just adorable?     

My own pattern

Two Eyelet Sweaters

This sweater is knit with Bernat Softee in ecru.  The white yarn didn’t go with the dress.  This yarn looks yellower in the photo though it does match the dress.    

Ecru sweater

Sweater 1

This one was knit with Bernat Sport in white.    

White sweater

Sweater 2

I am debating whether to write out the pattern to post.  It’s fairly easy but I used three different patterns and rolled them into one.  I’m not sure if I will be violating any copyright laws by posting the pattern and claiming it as original.     

I used the border and eyelet pattern from one sweater.  The body and sleeves from second pattern.  The length from a third.    

Would you call this original enough to post the pattern?

1 thought on “FO – Eyelet Sweaters

  1. So cute! And definitely original enough to post, especially if you aren’t charging for it. If you’re too worried about it, contact the original designers of each element and ask them if/how they’d like to be attributed. In truth, almost all patterns are based on other patterns. After all, there are only so many ways to make a sweater or a skirt, etc. Your interpretation and use of the various elements is what makes your pattern an original.


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