What’s for dinner?


When the kids were still living at home, I planned our weekly meals based on who had to go where and when each evening.   Piano lessons, drum lessons, band practice (for Mr. Aitch and the kids), soccer practice, orthodontist appointments, meetings, teaching, you name it.  Something was happening practically every weeknight so I had to be organized.  I made 30-minute meals long before Rachael Ray coined the phrase.

I went to the market every Sunday morning right after church while my kids were in CCD (Sunday School for the non-Catholics).  I still go then even though I don’t have to.  It’s just a habit.

The newspaper ads helped me decide our meals as I mostly bought whatever was on sale.  Ribs were on sale this week so that’s what we had Sunday evening but I didn’t think much about the rest of the week.

dinner plate

Like tonight.

I have no idea what to have.

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

What did you have last night?

Any ideas for tomorrow?



Movers and bakers

Our daughter and family used to live 112 miles away from us and as of the beginning of August are now 1,543 miles away.  In Colorado.  The twins started first grade on August 10 so they had to get there before school began.  They packed their van and other car pulling a small trailer with the three kids, two dogs, inflatable beds, two folding beds, enough clothes for two weeks, a couple of pots and pans, some relatively “instant” meals, and 15-20 cases of wine.  (The moving company wouldn’t move the wine.)  They arrived at their new home three days later.

Anyway, the movers weren’t coming until the 10th to pack up all the rest of their stuff and by then, they would be at their new house.  So I volunteered to go to their old house and stay while the movers packed and loaded everything.  It took two days to pack and two days to load the truck.  It’s not that they had tons of stuff that took two days to load the moving van but that the last two miles to their house was a very narrow and twisty road.  The moving van driver didn’t want to chance driving on that road so the movers packed a smaller trunk and unloaded it into the larger van that was two miles away.  And that took more time.  And four trips of handling all the packed boxed twice.


I got tired just watching them.  The moving van arrived two weeks later in Denver and they could unpack, cook, clean, and get back to normal.


Enough with the movers.  On to the bakers.

Personally have not experienced baking at a higher altitude than 675 feet above sea level.  And they don’t call Denver the “Mile High City” for nothing.

My daughter tried to bake some brownies last week and was not successful.  I felt sorry for her and decided to bake cookies for her and the kids to decorate.  Because what’s Christmas without decorated cut-out cookies?

Along with stars, trees, wreaths, mittens and candy cane shaped cookies, I also made peanut butter, peanut butter blossom, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and pumpkin bread, too.

In the box was a can of powdered Royal icing mix and some squeeze bottles to decorate the cut out cookies.

Cookies1This is the only picture I took before packing it all up and mailing it to Colorado.  Maybe I’ll get some pictures of the decorated cookies….

And if you have some high altitude baking tips or recipes to pass along, I know some people who would appreciate it.

Creative cookies

While at our daughter’s house, we baked cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Because of the mishap on Friday evening and E’s not feeling well on Saturday, we waited until Sunday, February 15, to bake and decorate cookies.  Mom and Dad were expected home on Monday so the cookies were a day fresher.

Cookies-1 copy

We used half of the recipe of Royal icing as we didn’t have a lot of cookies to decorate.

Cookies-2 copy

Red, pink, and white icing and red colored sugar.

Cookies-6 copy

I found these little squeeze bottles for the icing so the twins would have more control over their decorating.

Cookies-4 copy

Cookies-3 copy

I spread most of the cookies with a solid color and the twins decorated the tops.

Cookies-5 copy

You can never have too much icing.

Cookies-8 copy

For some reason the pink icing got a little too thin and was running everywhere.

Cookies-7 copy


When we finished up with all the cookies, we decorated animal crackers.

Cookies-9 copy

It’s a love-hate relationship

Lasagna, that is.

I love to eat it but hate to make it.

At lunch today I suggested to Mr. Aitch that we either have spaghetti or baked ziti for dinner tonight.  He said that he was hoping we could have lasagna.

Well, baked ziti and lasagna are basically the same thing but with a different shaped pasta so I had all the ingredients for either one.

And since I love Mr. Aitch, we had lasagna.

With Italian bread.

A simple salad.

And, of course, wine.  =)