Creative cookies

While at our daughter’s house, we baked cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Because of the mishap on Friday evening and E’s not feeling well on Saturday, we waited until Sunday, February 15, to bake and decorate cookies.  Mom and Dad were expected home on Monday so the cookies were a day fresher.

Cookies-1 copy

We used half of the recipe of Royal icing as we didn’t have a lot of cookies to decorate.

Cookies-2 copy

Red, pink, and white icing and red colored sugar.

Cookies-6 copy

I found these little squeeze bottles for the icing so the twins would have more control over their decorating.

Cookies-4 copy

Cookies-3 copy

I spread most of the cookies with a solid color and the twins decorated the tops.

Cookies-5 copy

You can never have too much icing.

Cookies-8 copy

For some reason the pink icing got a little too thin and was running everywhere.

Cookies-7 copy


When we finished up with all the cookies, we decorated animal crackers.

Cookies-9 copy

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