What’s for dinner?


When the kids were still living at home, I planned our weekly meals based on who had to go where and when each evening.   Piano lessons, drum lessons, band practice (for Mr. Aitch and the kids), soccer practice, orthodontist appointments, meetings, teaching, you name it.  Something was happening practically every weeknight so I had to be organized.  I made 30-minute meals long before Rachael Ray coined the phrase.

I went to the market every Sunday morning right after church while my kids were in CCD (Sunday School for the non-Catholics).  I still go then even though I don’t have to.  It’s just a habit.

The newspaper ads helped me decide our meals as I mostly bought whatever was on sale.  Ribs were on sale this week so that’s what we had Sunday evening but I didn’t think much about the rest of the week.

dinner plate

Like tonight.

I have no idea what to have.

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

What did you have last night?

Any ideas for tomorrow?



5 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. If have started making casseroles when I come home for lunch, then Allen puts them in the oven so we can still eat at 5:00. I have also discovered the joy of chicken nuggets!!!


  2. Harris Teeter had pork loin on sale, so I bought one and sliced it into pork chops. I sprinkled them with a chili garlic seasoning (Lawry’s) and cooked them in a skillet. Added roasted cauliflower and boom. Dinner. Tonight will depend on what I get in my produce basket today. There are leftover chops, so it might become part of a stir fry.


    • You are one of those inventive cooks. You can always make something out of whatever you have on hand. I admire that skill/characteristic/inventiveness. One summer we lived mostly on hamburgers and hotdogs. Now it’s a big production to run out and buy buns…you know, take a shower and wash my hair! A hat and sunglasses don’t cover up the sweaty, stinky mess that I am in the summer.


  3. It’s so hard to plan a menu for a day let alone for a week. My husband only likes certain foods…and well done. I like those foods also but not that often or well done. It seems we get into a rut. We used to do better. We’re retired now so it should be easier. Unfortunately we eat a lot of take out. My bad.😫


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