E’s Adventure

About 10 days ago Mr. Aitch and I were taking care of three of our grandchildren, two dogs and nine chickens while our daughter and her husband were out of town. Friday was pizza night and Mr. Aitch and I decided we would rather get “real” pizza than bake a frozen one.  Mr. Aitch stayed with two of the kids while one of the twins went with me. The following is a storybook written and drawn by the twin who stayed home.


We are going to get pizza.

I’m on the left driving and E is in the backseat.  For future reference I have an “N” above my head and E has an “E” above her head.


Evelyn threw up in Nona’s car.

Yes, I heard the unmistakable sound of, well, that while I was driving.  Not much I could do at that point. Fortunately we were already on our way home.

We went home.

We went home.

E is covered in stomach contents. Notice my sad face.

E-Adventure-1 The end.

8 thoughts on “E’s Adventure

    • Zero. I could have driven their van, nicknamed Hank the Tank, but preferred my own car. I was contemplating getting my car detailed in the spring (whenever that happens) and that contemplation just moved up near the top of the to-do list.

      Most of the mess was on her and her carseat. The seatbelt was not so lucky. I’m not sure what she ate earlier in the day but no stinkiness remains. I scrubbed the car seatbelt and seats at their house and again when we got home.

      I’m sure you know that there is no mistaking that retching sound and by then it’s too late.


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