Just what the doctor ordered

I have had a wicked sore throat since Monday.  Swallowing is extremely painful.  So much so that I’ve lost five pounds this week. I gargle with Listerine several times a day, drink warm water (gross but it helps) and hot tea, and sleep close to the warm-mist humidifier with little relief.

The stuffy nose and occasional cough are inconsequential to the absolute rawness of my throat.

So I went to the clinic today.  No strep throat.  No pneumonia.  Just acute pharyngitis a.k.a. “sore throat”.

My orders are to drink plenty of liquids, gargle with warm salt water, take one dexamethasone today and tomorrow to help relieve the inflammation in my throat, and start the antibiotic (which I didn’t fill yet) in a few days if the symptoms get worse or don’t improve.

Perfect time for a Birthday Wish from my friend Leah.  I knew I was saving this for something “special”.



In an attempt to warm up the house Monday evening I made 18 mini loaves of quick bread.

Twelve pumpkin and three cranberry/orange.


Only eleven and a half made it for a group photo.  Yum!  Even if they were from a boxed mix.

The rest may or may not make it to the freezer.

Apple cosy

I don’t know if you remember the apple cosy I made a while back.  Some people made fun of it and me for “wasting time and yarn” on such a thing.

20130418-211058.jpgI usually take an apple to work to eat at lunch and I just drop it in my purse.  This week we’ve had some warm days and my cold-just-out-of-the-refrigerator apple got condensation on it and made things in my purse wet.  Apple cosy to the rescue!

My apple stays protected and so does my purse.

Make fun of me and my apple cosy if you want.  I really don’t care.