Button dilemma

I need help with the buttons for this sweater.  All of these buttons are in my huge button stash thanks to iPad aunt.  I don’t really want to buy any but I’m not sure which (if any of these) would look the best.  And I want to wear this sweater on Sunday…

First group:

Second group:

Third group:


And the last one:

This last picture is the best one for the yarn colors.  I like the mustard ones but they might be too big.  The rhinestones look great though they might be too small.  I’m leaning towards the last ones.

Grandson sweater

Other than a couple of pairs of baby booties, I had not knit anything for our grandson, who turned one year old last month.

I knit sweaters for his twin sisters for Christmas 2013 and had enough yarn left over to knit a sweater for him.


I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February baby sweater on two needles but tweaked the pattern a bit by increasing the beginning stitch count to 70 stitches.

I also added buttons and button band down the the entire front and ribbing at the cuff.   \

Okay, so maybe I just used her outline for the increases at the top of her sweater to make this top-down raglan sleeved sweater.

Is this sweater different enough that I can post the pattern?

The yarn is Louet Gems 100% Merino Wool light/worsted weight, 100 g/175 yd.

I used two entire hanks of the Pewter and  part of a hank of the Linen.  I knit the sleeves until I ran out of yarn making the ribbing extra long so the cuff can be folded back or not.

The buttons are almost a perfect match.  Not that they need to match.  I preferred less contrast so the stripes would be stand out more.



L-sweater-Feb-2014I added satin ribbon to the button side to give the button band more stability.


Added the same ribbon to the buttonhole side and did machine buttonholes in the ribbon before hand sewing around each buttonhole to secure the ribbon to the sweater.


Of course I had to show the model.


He’s a sweetheart!


Dislike #2

Sewing seams in my knits is my #1 dislike.

Sewing on buttons is #2.

I finished weaving in all the ends on the Sawtelle sweater I wrote about yesterday.  So now it’s time for the buttons.

I think the biggest issue I have with buttons is that I don’t know how to secure them on a worsted weight knitted garment.

Should I sew a strip of fabric/ribbon/bias tape to the underside of the button area to give it more substance?

Should I do the same with the buttonhole side for stability and to keep the buttonholes from stretching?


Button, button…

…who’s got the button?

I cut the buttons off of a pale green dress my daughter wore in middle school (many years ago) thinking they would be perfect for the Peony Twist Cardi I’m working on.

I didn’t realize they have a greenish tint to them and they just aren’t the right button for this cardi.

Back to square one.

Pictures tomorrow, buttons or not.