Sleeves in

Last evening I spent two hours sewing in the sleeves on the papaya cardi.  It didn’t happen with the first try.  There was some undoing at times.  Next step is to steam those seams while the sweater is still in the two-dimensional stage.

The side seams and sleeves will be easier as the stitches will all be going in the same direction.

There will be more crochet edging along the bottom edge but I think I can handle it.

Finding 1-inch buttons will be a challenge.  Should I go with funky buttons? Subdued buttons?  Plain buttons?  Striped or patterned?  Matching?  Contrasting?  Clear? 

Oh, the choices!

Another sucessful day

I woke up early this morning and decided to get some knitting done before things got too hectic.

Dr. Professor’s seamless slippers were packaged up ready to go to the  post office.

I decided to try knitting the strap for the Spud and Chloe hats using a smaller needle to make the stitching tighter.  That worked out much better.  I found some buttons in my stash but they were brass and didn’t look right with the silvery taupe yarn in the hats.  So I sprayed them with some silver spray paint.  Did I take before pictures?  No.  But you can see the back of the button and the original color.

Brass to silver buttons

Here’s a comparison on the two straps.  The original on is on the left and the tighter knit one on the right.  I think it looks better and has more substance.

original strap

Tighter knit

I also wove in the ends on the mittens.  Next on the list: Soakers.  these don’t HAVE to be finished by December 10 but I’d like them to be.  Stay tuned for more updates…