Button dilemma

I need help with the buttons for this sweater.  All of these buttons are in my huge button stash thanks to iPad aunt.  I don’t really want to buy any but I’m not sure which (if any of these) would look the best.  And I want to wear this sweater on Sunday…

First group:

Second group:

Third group:


And the last one:

This last picture is the best one for the yarn colors.  I like the mustard ones but they might be too big.  The rhinestones look great though they might be too small.  I’m leaning towards the last ones.

5 thoughts on “Button dilemma

  1. I like Mottled green best, too – I have a feeling in the light and movement of real life, it will sing!

    I also like the flat pearls, if they are big enough? Hard to tell on the monitor.

    And, I have the last one shown! I used them on a variegated sweater with pinks, blues and purples, all pastels. They look fine with that, and would with yours as well.

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