Last summer I snagged two facemasks from my doctor as we thought we had to remove something foul from under our deck and I wanted us to be contaminated from any airborne grossness.  As it turned out, we didn’t use them…until this pandemic.

As these were single-use masks, I needed to make something to cover our faces while out and about picking up necessities: food and wine.  I can’t remember where I found this mask pattern but I changed it as I went.  If you are interested in a how-to, just say so in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

I found some prewashed cotton in my fabric stash and set to work.  Instead of using elastic around the ears, I found some bias tape I inherited from iPad aunt that I sewed together for the ties.

I also made a channel in the upper part to insert a twist tie (doubled for more strength) to keep the mask against the face.  This way I can remove the wire when I wash the masks.face mask

face maskface mask inserting wireI marked on the side that rests again the face with a fabric marker so we can see at a glance which end is up.face mask

The bottom is open for any additional filter we may want to insert.face mask

We have to make another food run later today so these will come in handy.

Are you making do with homemade face masks?  Or were you lucky enough to have had a small supply stashed away?


12 thoughts on “Masking

  1. I’ve made around 100 masks. 65 for The Man’s employees and the rest for family and friends. The kids and I don’t go anywhere but the masks are handy for things like picking up the kids’ packets from school this morning.

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  2. Well I think may have to go down to the basement and find some fabric to make some. If I’m not back upstairs in an hour….you know…..btw I love how yours came out!!!

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  3. Those are very cheerful masks, which I think is pretty important these days! I haven’t had to make any yet (I dye yarn and fiber so I had a few in supply) but I might have to go dig out my unicorn print fat quarters to make myself a cheerful one too 🙂

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