What’s up?

I hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day 🇺🇸 celebrations in the USA today.  Or it’s just another Monday where you live and you can enjoy it as well.

Too much time and not enough motivation.

We are getting our deck boards replaced…hopefully this project will begin this week.  If the contractor doesn’t call this week, I will raise some 💩!

I had to rip back 12 rows of the Luminary socks I started as I screwed up the pattern.  Back on track now.

I need to replace the cushion covers on our porch furniture.  The closest IKEA is not opened yet and I’m NOT paying $200 for shipping!  I also don’t want to make new covers.

So I’m just not motivated to do much.

How about you?  Motivated?

6 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Every Spring, I go through the what-to- do-about-the-cushions-and-umbrella search! I made a new umbrella cover once several years ago. Now the frame is in bad shape. I do this shopping every year and decide by not making a decision. So, I am shopping again! Will I do it this time?

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  2. I ordered yarn from the UK and got it so I can make a 70th birthday present. Her birthday was in April. Celebrated all five kids’ birthdays at home, the last is tomorrow. I’d like to say that there have been amazing changes at my house but it’s the same. The garden is planted.

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  3. I was very motivated this weekend, and accomplished much in the yard. Naturally, I come in to a house that is in dire need of attention. I try to take advantage of the fair weather whenever possible. Laundry can wait!


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