SSSK socks

The Slipped-Stitch Spiral Knitted socks are finally finished.

Two unexciting balls of self-striping patterned sock yarn used produced a unique blend of colors and patterns.

I didn’t try to match up the patterns on the second sock so they are both similar yet different.

I used up some stash yarn which was the purpose but I still have lots more to knit up.

When I knit another pair using this wonderful sock pattern, I will make the leg another inch or so longer.  Just my personal preference.

12 thoughts on “SSSK socks

  1. Those came out beautifully! I like how you used two unexciting skeins to make them, aren’t you clever? They will look nice with everything. Can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂


    • Thank you. I love them. In fact I probably have enough of each color to make another pair but I have more “ugly” yarn to use up so I might pair those balls with something else. I started another pair of socks with some gorgeous yarn from a friend but the yarn is pooling. I need to find another yarn to use with it or knit from both ends. More about that later…

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