Stardate 20110101

I don’t know how Star Trek came up with their Stardate but this is my take on that.

Update from 2010 knitting: I forgot to mention the 7 Swiffer covers and apple cozy I knitted.

I’m sure everyone has some goals/resolutions for the new year.  Some of mine are knitting related, some are general craft related, and some are personal.

My list of 2011 goals include:

  1. Declutter the basement.
  2. Design and follow-through with a craft room in the basement.
  3. Repaint our bedroom, the kitchen, and family room.
  4. Finish the felt ornaments I started for Christmas 2010.
  5. Start (and finish) a secret project before February 1.  I’m waiting on some yarn and that’s why it’s not started.
  6. Make belated birth gifts for some 2010 babies.
  7. Revisit my WIP list and do something!
  8. Figure out the macro setting on our camera.  Mr. Aitch says it’s there but I am clueless.
  9. Knit the Knit Simple Button Cardi for myself.
  10. Publish a knitted purse pattern.  It’s hard to write out a pattern.  Maybe I should have some test knitters try it out first.
  11. Begin knitting my way through the Around the World in Knitted Socks.
  12. Stop eating foods that make me feel blah.
  13. Put more miles on my motorcycle.
  14. Be nice.

3 thoughts on “Stardate 20110101

  1. I’d love to test knit your purse pattern! I’ve been wanting to knit one for awhile. I am also looking forward to knitting the Around the World book with you! Happy New Year!


  2. That is a great list! I think mine should be to just clean, organize, de-clutter and throw out of my house. I should go room by room. I do pretty good and then seem to slack off 3/4 of the way thru and then everything builds up again.


  3. Every year it’s the same. I go through everything in each room and organize or throw out. I need to go through my files and throw out not needed papers.


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