Wii, wii, whee-e-e

Mr. Aitch and I got a Wii for Christmas and we’ve been playing it every day.  We didn’t yesterday.  Why?   Too much tennis, bowling, sword fighting, and golfing.  My right arm is very sore.

Now a confession.  There was a major faux pas on the Musica mitts I knit for Mr. Aitch.  In my haste to finish them before Christmas I forgot to knit the extra rows I added to the right hand.  This was discovered just as I was binding off.   Fortunately I did not cut the yarn.  I gave them (with the yarn still attached) to Mr. Aitch for Christmas with a note explaining they were almost finished.

I’ve already frogged back and added the extra rows and started to do the last few rows of ribbing.  I hope my arm holds out.

2 thoughts on “Wii, wii, whee-e-e

  1. We got a Wii for Christmas too. I am getting hooked on the tennis. I am kind of a dork though I think. I can not stand still and play. My body thinks it is on the tennis court. I have even been known to dart way left or to the “net” to get a shot! Such fun though!


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