Summer hours

We started “summer hours” at our office last week (though I started it this week.)  We work four 10-hour days with either Monday or Friday off.  I chose Mondays.  Mr. Aitch works either Fridays or Saturdays and is choir directors at church so Mondays seemed to be the best day for us.  Makes for nice long weekends.  The kicker is getting to work an hour earlier and staying an hour later.  So did I set my alarm to get up an hour earlier?  No.  Just a half hour earlier.  I won’t eat breakfast at home until we switch back to our regular hours after Labor Day.

So my plan for this past weekend was to continue my cleaning.  Didn’t happen as planned.  Friday night my daughter-in-law called asking if she and their two kids could spend the weekend with us.  My son works nights and is off Monday and Tuesday nights.  They only have one car so he brought them Saturday and picked them up last evening.  My grandson is four and wants constant interaction.  Play with me, Nona.  Not a lot of cleaning done over the weekend.

I got up to the armhole openings on the second eyelet sweater and started the first sleeve four times.  I dropped a stitch and had to start over.  I had an extra stitch and had to start over.  I don’t know what I did and had a huge gap and started over.  I’m well into the sleeve and should finish it tonight and possible finish the second sleeve so I can start to join everything.  Goal is to have the sweater finished Friday night.

I did get a couple of loads of laundry done.  I even cleaned out one cabinet in the kitchen yesterday morning.  Spices.  What is the shelf life of spices and flavorings?  We moved into this house 16 years ago.  I threw out some spices that I brought from my other house.  Granted I hadn’t used them in the past 16 years so it was safe to say I didn’t need them.  This was long overdue.

Treasures I found were an apple baker and a garlic baker.  Both in their original packaging and both brand spanking new.  One was a gift and one I had purchased.

I had paper plates and plastic spoons and forks taking up most of a shelf.  We don’t really use paper plates very much unless it’s a BIG party.  Same with plastic ware.  So those things went into a box to be put in the basement with the other picnic-type things.

Our community yard sale is this weekend.  I doubt I will be ready for it but will continue to clean out drawers, cabinets, closets and rooms.  Maybe I will have my own yard sale later in the summer.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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