Only the buttons

I finished the eyelet sweater last night except for the buttons.  I still don’t know the best way to sew on buttons on a knitted item.  I wove in all the ends and grafted the underarm seam of four stitches.  I used the kitchener stitch but still have holes on either side.  I try to weave/darn those holes but I’m not satisfied with the result.  It’s going to have to work for now but I do need help with finishing seams.

The sweater is blocked and I will updated this post tonight with pictures.

My camera and computer are fighting.  Sometimes I can upload pictures easily ans sometimes I can’t.  Not sure what the problem is.  I put the digital card from the camera into the card reader and I either get errors or it works without a hitch.  I will try again tonight.

I adapted this sweater pattern so I didn’t have to sew seams.  I like to sew fabric but not knitted items.  I’m working on writing out the pattern so I can refer to it when I knit the second sweater…which I started last night.

Eyelet sweater size 1-2 yrs

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