I’ll have ice with that

It was 36 degrees at our house this morning and as I got closer to work, the temperature dropped a little.

It was misting when I got out of the car.  And the trees were already coated with ice.




That didn’t stop this guy who rides his bicycle every day to work.


The drizzly mist just turned to snow.  Wintery precipitation is predicted for this area.  Snow, sleet, freezing rain?  It’s going to be an interesting drive home this afternoon.

Good thing I brought these with me today.


Catching some z’s

I try to get enough sleep at night but sometimes I just want to take a nap.  It must be the after-breakfast-carb-crash that makes me sleepy around 9:00 in the morning.  I have on occasion fallen asleep at my computer at work.  Just for a couple of seconds and wake up abruptly when my head starts to drop to my chest.

Z-z-z-z Whiplash!

I’m making some felt ornaments for my grandchildren.


I need to trim this one a bit more as the Z is not centered.  I think I’m going to stitch beads around the edge.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel a three-second nap coming on…. z-z-z-z


I go to the market after church almost every Sunday.

Yesterday was no exception.

I usually see the same people each week and it’s not crowded.

Yesterday was the exception.  The store was crowded.  It wasn’t the pre-Thanksgiving rush to get the turkey or other fixings.  Nope.

It was filled with men I usually don’t see shopping on a Sunday morning.  Men with eyes glazed over.  Men who only go to the market once a year.  Men who can’t find anything.  Men with carts filled with bottled water, Bloody Mary mix, lunch meat, bread, bags and bags of chips.  Men dressed in camo.  Hunting camo.

deer 7

Deer season opened today in West Virginia.  And deer season opens in Maryland on Saturday and in Pennsylvania next Monday.




It was quite entertaining watching them run around the store backtracking, laughing, discussing their plans with other camo-clad men.

deer 4

deer 6

I come from a family of hunters so it doesn’t bother me at all.  Yes, deer are cute but they are also destructive.



Have fun camo-clad hunters and don’t get hurt.



aka – cross stitch


A lovely family moved into our old neighborhood in 1984.  Janet and I bonded almost immediately.


Cross stitch Sampler Finished size 10×15 inches

She taught me all about counted cross stitch.  Every time I look at my projects or see any cross stitch, I think of her.  We still write once a year.  At Christmas.

My first project?  A huge wedding sampler (18×24) from a magazine for my brother and his wife. It was supposed to be for their first wedding anniversary in 1985 but I didn’t get it finished until that Christmas…just a few months late.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it nor the magazine pattern.  It was quite an undertaking but Janet encouraged me constantly.

She and I would go to a small shop (that no longer exists) and look at patterns, linen and Aida cloth.

My second project was much smaller.  In fact most of the cross stitch I did was small.  The following one was done on 32-count linen.


I bought at least 20-25 greeting cards with the patterns on the back intending to copy the pattern and mail the card.  I still have them all.  The cards were 4×6 so you can see that the finished piece isn’t much larger. 




My daughter completed this watermelon when she was six years old using six-strands of floss on Monk’s cloth, which is large enough for a child to see and use.  The pattern was simple and used four colors of floss.  I got it framed for her and it hangs in her house.  Again, no photo.


My aunt did this Father Christmas and included it in a quilted 36-inch wall hanging that I hang in my house during Christmas.


I made this for my Mom and was going to make it into a Valentine’s Day card for her but never did.


I should do something with all these x’s.