Robin redbreast

I went out to get the oil changed in my car the other day and when I got back, Mr. Aitch told me that he or rather the house was being attacked by a very persistent robin.

First, the robin would knock on the front door.  Then go to the door to the deck and do the “shave-and-a-hair-cut two-bits” rapping.  It was driving Mr. Aitch crazy!

I witnessed the knocking on the front door soon after I got home so I investigated the door.

The #@*% bird had done his business all over my hanging basket/door decor.  I immediately took it down along with the hook that held it thinking that would keep the bird from attacking the door window.

Not a chance.

So I sent my brother, sister, and sister-in-law the following text:


Then I sent an explanation that we were also enjoying a wine, cheese, ham and cracker lunch…




…and the following picture:

So far it’s working.  And no bird droppings on the king of the jungle guarding our front door.

11 thoughts on “Robin redbreast

  1. 😂 that lion! In Florence, D had his work truck attacked every single day. The robin did not like his driver side mirror. Covered it in poo and pecked the heck out of it. It was quite violent! Glad you’re protected by Mr. Lion. I wonder what your neighbors think…specifically the ones with large white ceramic lawn/porch ornaments.

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    • Mr. Aitch and I got the biggest laugh with the lion! Too much wine at lunch. I tried to explain the lion effigy to the UPS delivery man. He said he didn’t notice it. Makes me wonder what else he’s seen hanging on doors.

      I remember your robin incident. Did it just stop or did it continue until you moved?

      Alas I have to report that the lion isn’t working anymore…but he is still pristine!


    • This is our first (and hopefully last) experience with this. The robin has moved from the front door to another window. Squirrels are cute…as long as they keep their distance.

      The “beautification” committee in our development strapped corn stalks with some ears of corn still on them to the street sign posts in the fall for some autumn decor. The deer thought it was a nice treat for them and ate all the corn! I’m sure the squirrels got in on that as well.

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  2. I never heard of a bird doing that to a solid door. the window, I get, they are attacking that other “bird” they see in the glass. Can you hang up something that moves and breaks the reflection? Like a wind ornament or something?


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