I think it’s a winner

Way back in February I started a pair of socks with nylon yarn (Berroco Comfort Sock) for a dear person who can’t wear wool.  Since I was in love with Dorothy’s Slipped Stitch Spiral Knit Sock pattern and knit 7-8 pairs of those socks, I tried it with this yarn but I wasn’t happy with the result.  So I ripped it all out and let it sleep in my knitting basket until I was ready once again to deal with it.  You can read about that February experience here.  Many of you dear readers suggested I step away from it for a day or two.  Several months seemed to work much better for me.

Last week Mr. Aitch and I went to New York City on a bus trip.  I needed a simple, portable knitting project so I cast on the very same yarns for the very same pattern mentioned above and got the ribbing and part of the leg underway before we boarded the bus.

And I was fine with the colors this time.  I used the grey (Hari Hari) as the main/slipped stitch color and heel.  Beach House is the contrast yarn.

Maybe I just needed to take a break from the bright, vivid colors I had been using for that sock pattern to tackle the soft, subdued colors of these two yarns.  And having just finished the grey cardi, I was in the neutral color zone.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, I’m just glad to get these socks on the needles.  I turned the heel before we arrived home.  Only eight more rows till I begin the toe shaping then on to the second sock.

Oh, and by the way, these socks are not a Christmas present.  Whew!

You can read about all the socks I’ve knit from this pattern here 1here 2, here 3, here 4, here 5, and here 6+7.

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