Calico Top revisited

I began this sleeveless top over a year ago.  No real pattern, just knitted what I thought would fit.  I don’t remember when I finished the actual knitting but I didn’t get it seamed up until the beginning of May.

I don’t like it.

It’s too large.

I’m swimming in it.

I don’t like it.  Did I already say that?

Nobody wants to see that!!!


So I took it to the Frog Pond, ripped it out and wound all the yarn into balls.  I started knitting Sunny Day Top by Drops Design 170-32.

I hope I have enough yarn.

8 thoughts on “Calico Top revisited

  1. Still, I think you did pretty well for no pattern! And what you wound up with would be a good layer in the winter, but the new pattern is really lovely and I think you will be glad you made the change. 🙂

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