Such a bother

I cut the tip of my index finger on my right hand last week and I can’t seem to get anything done…well, stuff that I want to do.

It’s not a deep cut or a long cut just the sort that gets in the way because it needs covered.  

I’m an English style knitter where the yarn is held in my right hand as opposed to a continental style where the yarn is held in the left hand.  I “can” knit continental but it’s not that intuitive for me.  Or fun.  Plus I have one more fingerless mitt to finish and my gauge would definitely be off if I changed styles now.  And bandages just get in the way.  So no knitting for me.

But I could dye some yarn…

9 thoughts on “Such a bother

  1. It is called “New Skin” and your local pharmacy carries it. Paint on three thin coats and let dry between each coat (about a minute each). Be sure to cover a wide area (the wider the more pliable and will last longer). A small sting at the beginning, but it goes away quickly. Voila! Knit with abandon because you will no longer even think about the cut.

    I do not recommend Gorilla Glue because that’s not the application it was intended for, and given that it can glue metal, it probably isn’t good for your skin. Remember, anything that you get on your skin is absorbed, so I would stick with the New Skin. Patsye, Rn

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