My new mug

I drink hot tea and hot chocolate. Not coffee. Unless it’s mostly milk and sweetened.

Last October my favorite mug broke when I was drying it. The handle just came right off in my hand.

So I started using another mug that I got from iPad aunt. It became my favorite. For less than a week.

It slipped out of my hand and shattered into a big mess. 

I really wanted to find a super cool mug of my very own. Something knitting related. I searched and searched and searched until I found one.

And Mr Aitch got it for me for Christmas. 

It’s my new favorite mug.

10 thoughts on “My new mug

  1. Your Le Lapin mug was from the ’80’s, actually maybe the ’70’s. I drank my morning tea from it for at least a decade. It brought me to tears to see it because I’ve never found another one that kept my tea as hot. It went missing when we moved south to Stafford. What a trip down memory lane! I still read you, but just have so little time in my life to comment. Your stories are getting better and better as you are becoming a better writer. ….and I am not. Patsye


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