10 day work week

This week seemed like it was 10 days long.


I had a lot of hurry-up-and-wait stuff going on at work this week.  I had to put together 10 binders of materials for a meeting Wednesday evening I was not attending.  Most of the documents needed updating and I had to wait for those to be done before I could print.  I filled the copier with paper before I started printing the materials and it holds 3000 sheets of paper at a time.  I refilled it yesterday.  That’s a lot of paper.

I’m headed to my daughter’s right after work tonight.  She and one of the twins (Z to be exact) have bronchitis.  Her husband has to work this weekend so I’m going to help her do whatever needs done.  I’m even taking dinner.

And Irish soda bread.  It’s only available around St. Patrick’s Day and I love this stuff.

I hope to have some time to knit so I’m taking a few things to work on while I’m there. 

  1. The neckwarmer.  (See the last post.)  This has been slow going.  Of course, I have been pretty busy every evening this week: laundry, Zumba class, running errands, laundry again, packing.  So you can see I haven’t worked on it too much.
  2. A new sweater.  Tangerine Twist from Knitty Summer 2007.  I bought yarn last summer for a project that escapes me so I have enough yarn for this.  I think this shape will be much better for me than the papaya cardi fail.
  3. Mitts for me.  Treads, Jiffy Mitts, or Fetching using yarn from my stash with enough to make all three pair but I’m not going to cast on all of them.  Treads has a new stitch to learn.  (Thank you Cpeezers for this great tutorial on the lateral braid.) Jiffy Mitts uses fingering weight.  I’m still not over the two pairs of Music Mitts I just finished.   Fetching has cables which I’ve never done.  I’ve been knitting off and on since I was 10 years old and I’ve never done cables other than a swatch.
  4. Seamless slippers.  Pattern on the right.  Mindless knitting and one can never have too many seamless slippers.

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “10 day work week

  1. Thanks for the lateral braid tutorial mention! I am blazing through my second jiffy mitt. Great tv knitting. I was going to tell you that I’ve knit the fetching pattern a couple of times too. I think that was my first cabling. I really like them. I actually have one knit right now and the second has been waiting for months and months and months. I need to take my first one apart abit and do the picot bind off. I think I did regular and I don’t like how it is curling back.

    I want to try your seamless knit pattern too! Ok off to check out the new sweater you are going to make!


  2. What’s Zumba? I’m lost on this one. But interestingly enough, my knitting club was all about Ravelry last Wednesday, and so I guess I’ll have to join. Not sure about this either. I am so out of touch. Patsye


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