Naked needles

I like straight knitting needles.  I’m not a fan of circulars, so when I put my knitting away in my bag, I usually have the “live” knitting needle pointing up so when I pull the knitting out of the bag, it doesn’t slide off.  Well, I thought I should pack my knitting bag safely this weekend so I had all the needle points facing down.  The bag I’m using is zippered and I didn’t think the twins would open it, I just didn’t want them to fall on it and get hurt.

After the twins were tucked in bed, I wanted to show my daughter the Herringbone neckwarmer I was knitting.  And as I pulled the needles out of the bag, the needles were naked.  The neckwarmer was still in the bag.

I really wanted to say a bad word but I gasped instead.

Normally it’s not that hard to put stitches back on the needles.  I only had 30 to deal with.  But this stitch isn’t normal.  I have about six inches knitted and I haven’t figured out how fix a wrong stitch.  I managed to get all the stitches back on the needle but something is not quite right.

I’ll have to wait until this evening when I’m in a better frame of mind to see if I can figure out what went wrong.

4 thoughts on “Naked needles

  1. Ugh! I have had the naked needle phenomenon happen to me before and it leaves you with a sinking not so nice feeling. I hope you can work it out!

    I am going great guns on your purse too. I am about to finish the striping section. Getting ready to knit on it now for abit and to work on the final section!


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