I decided to frog te Swiffer cover I knit over the weekend.  I pushed it into the grabbers and it grabbed it alright.  I will find another pattern so it slips over the ends and not into the grabbers.  Do you have a favorite Swiffer cover pattern?  Please leave a comment or link.

I knit to get a finished object but this froggy knitting did give me a chance to perfect my seed stitch.  I love its nubby texture.

Almost finished with the first secret project.  I spent a large part of last night trying to find the last bit that I needed to sew on.  I really, really, REALLY need to organize my yarn stash and supplies.  Waiting until I finish part of the basement is just too long of a wait.  I will be posting for help on this at a later date so start thinking of how you organize your supplies and yarn.

I’m going to call (as soon as the store opens) for an update on my computer.   No computer = more knitting time.  This has given me new insight into what emails I keep and what I delete.  I usually keep most of them except for advertisements.  With a poor memory like mine I need to reread a lot of correspondence.  My on-line Inbox is really full and I should decide what is important.

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