Dealing with kinky

…kinky yarn that is.

This scarf has been in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile since October 2011.  That’s right, almost seven years.  The plan was to wear a bright color between my leather motorcycle jacket and helmet.

I love the colors.  I like the pattern.  I like the Linen Stitch.

Just not going to finish it.

Yarn gets kinky when unraveled, especially when it’s been knitted or crocheted for a long time.  To get the kinks out of the yarn, Mr. Aitch unraveled the scarf while I wrapped it around my (homemade) Knitty Noddy.  (Make your own here.)  The yarn was taut enough (though not too tight) on the Knitty Noddy so I left it on there, sprayed the yarn with some cool water and hung it on a towel rack to dry overnight*.

When all was dry, I took the yarn off the Knitty Noddy and saw that most of it was straight.  Only a little was still kinky but it was good enough.  I think those parts were on the loop end and didn’t get wet enough.

Mr. Aitch was busy and I was impatient so I “tried” to wind the yarn into a ball by myself.  Oops!  Made a knotty mess.

It’s almost like getting free yarn!  Now I need to figure out a project that uses 285 yards or less of DK weight yarn and isn’t a hat.

How do you get the kinks out of unraveled/reused/recycled yarn or do you just knit with it all kinky and such?

*This Knitty Noddy is made from PVC pipe so it’s ok to get it wet.  Not sure if leaving the wet/damp yarn on a wooden one would be a good idea.